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FEED Kitchens


An Introduction to FEED Kitchens


The Food Enterprise and Economic Development (FEED) Kitchens is a project of the Madison Northside Planning Council.

FEED Kitchens has five distinct production spaces, with specialized equipment for baking, produce preparation and processing, meal/deli prep, and processing of packaged goods. To produce at FEED Kitchens, individuals or businesses must first become members of the facility. Once a member, production space is available for rent so that food businesses, nonprofit organizations, vocational training programs and individuals seeking to prepare food to sell or serve to the public have a safe and clean commercial facility for preparation.

One of our production spaces also serves as a training kitchen and is available for nonprofit groups, trainers, and culinary specialists to teach food service and preparation skills so that people can get work in the food service industry or learn how to cook and process food for their own consumption or interest.

The Training Kitchen doubles as a community use kitchen for anyone who wishes to do personal cooking or baking on a larger scale, such as holiday baking with friends, canning and preserving produce, or making meals in bulk.

Along with production support in the kitchens, FEED also offers support in licensing, product sourcing, packaging, labelling, finance, marketing, as well as emotional support – all those things needed to turn a food idea into a business!

Members at FEED come from across the globe and offer a wide variety of cultural experiences through their sharing of food. FEED’s place in our local food system assures that we have access to a variety of locally sourced and produced flavors to make our region a diverse kaleidoscope of culinary experiences.

Other Services

FEED Kitchens also offers a conference room for rent by the hour, a shared workspace with a computer and printer, wi-fi access, and dry, cold and frozen storage. For more information on all of the services available through FEED, please contact us at: