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Bean Bakery, LLC manufactures Allergen Friendly, Patent Pending and Fully Customizable Blender Baking Mixes that are a unique custom blend of European and Professional highest quality cocoas, then blended with a one-of-it’s-kind hypoallergenic leavener. Designed with you the baker, to be the perfect base for your gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free, and whatever free you need, baked creations! We begin with what you need and not what you don’t! Add a can of your favorite beans, the safe for you standard ingredients, blend, and bake.Bean Bakery Blender Mixes currently come in two flavors: Cocoa Trio – A triple blend of specialty cocoa with a dairy free” Mylk Chocolate” flavor & Cocoa Quartet – A symphonic blend of four specialty cocoas for a rich and smoky, dark chocolate flavor. The sky is the limit in unique combinations with Bean Bakery mixes, making this baking experience, perfect for, well, just about everybody! You control the ingredients, for you and your loved ones keeping your baking experiences safer, simple, and satisfying! All mixes are Patent Pending.

Bean Bakery Baking Powder is Hypoallergenic. This baking powder is a professional quality, double-acting baking powder made with Mung Bean Starch. Third-party tested and Patent Pending.