Become a FEED Member

If you would like to use the FEED facility to start, maintain, or grow your food business there are a few things you will need to do.

Attend one of our Member Information Sessions and Learn about our Kitchen Rates

  • Information sessions are held once a month by FEED staff.  For a schedule see the Information sessions calendar.  Email us at to request information or to let us know you are interested in attending a session.
  • Current FEED Rates.
    • As a “shared use kitchen,” FEED charges for all time spent in the kitchen, as these are all uses of kitchen resources: dishwashing, cleaning, food prep, moving product in and out of various storage areas, packaging, office time, conference room time, and usage of appliances.  All of these activities incur costs in purchasing, maintenance, cleaning, heating/cooling, electricity, water usage and repair. Thank you!

Complete a FEED Member Application

  • FEED Kitchens Commercial Member Application (PDF) for members operating new or existing food businesses such as caterers, food carts, product developers, and those selling wholesale or to the public directly.  Also for non-profits using FEED for work they are doing.
  • FEED Kitchens Casual Member Application (PDF) for casual members who will only use FEED for special projects or occasions including cooking classes or preparing food that will not be sold and is not subject to licensing or inspection.

Submit the Application 

  • Download the application above that applies to your type of kitchen use by clicking on the appropriate link.
  • Open with a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat, save a copy to your hard drive, then send to FEED along with any required paperwork to:
    • Regular mail: FEED Kitchens, 1219 N. Sherman Avenue, Madison, WI 53704
    • Fax it to: 608-661-0064.
    • E-mail to if you wish.

Learn about the FEED Kitchen Rules

FOR BUSINESS PLANNING AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Contact FEED Partner, the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation at

If you’re not sure you’re ready to use FEED, but want more information on how to develop your food business, click HERE to download a list of helpful business and food resources to help you get started.